Question:  Which club are you holding when you score a par or birdie
Answer: Your putter.

Did you know the short game makes up for 62% of the strokes in an average round of golf. And 43% of a round is just putting.

So why aren't you practicing your putts? Maybe it is difficult to find time. Or maybe there are no convenient practice greens in your area.  Irrigation Plus has the answer. Introducing the All Pro Putting Green a professional synthetic turf putting green. An affordable alternative putting green that can be installed virtually anywhere - even in your own backyard!

The All Pro Putting Greens are a great way for you to increase your golf game and value of your property.  Other benefits of the All Pro Putting Greens are:
  • Cost
  • Durability (fibers can withstand all weather elements)
  • Very Low Maintenance (removal of debris, leaves, twigs, etc., no watering and no mowing)

And the best thing of all your family, friends, and neighbors will rave about your new putting green.  And for all you true golfers just remember that old saying "You Drive for Show, but you Putt for Dough"